Ex-Man Podcast 125 – John Outcalt (ex-God Forbid)

Doc welcomes God Forbid bass player, John Outcalt aka “Beeker” to the show and they talk about being back at John’s house where God Forbid used to rehearse and wrote many of the albums, how he maintained stability and his professional work situation throughout his time with the band. how he joined God Forbid, what it was like getting some success with touring and getting a record deal, his experience being the only white guy in the band, how the band evolved creatively over the years, how he dealt with the financial struggles of being in an underground band, his approach to bass playing in genre that often doesn’t appreciate bass guitar, and how his life has evolved since the band broke up.

This episode features the songs “Ministry of Defense” by Pathos and Logos and “A Reflection of the Past” by God Forbid.

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