Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 100 – Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed)

On this very special 100th episode of The Ex-Man podcast, Doc welcomes Hatebreed vocalist and Jasta Show podcast host Jamey Jasta and they talk about Hatebreed’s place in the NWOAHM, the state of rock radio, dealing with politics within the music industry, how Entombed and Sepultura influenced early Hatebreed, how growing up poor in urban Connecticut shaped his world view in feeling Iike an underdog, where his entrepreneurial ambitions stem from, how his time as a booking agent informed him on Iearning from the mistakes from other underground bands, helping create a community by extending an olive branch to up and coming artists, being an innovator as frontman with stage banter, and the Chvrches/Gojira controversy.

This episode features the songs “Home” by Eclipsica, “Are You In There” by NeverWake, and “13 Appears” by Jasta featuring Tommy Victor.

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