Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 113 – Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Bent Sea, ex-Soilwork, ex-Scarve)

Doc welcomes Megadeth drummer, Dirk Verbeuren, to the show and they discuss how they are both dealing with COVID-19 social distancing, his roots in death metal and grindcore, how moving to Paris turned him from a hip hop kid to a metalhead, what the metal scene in France was like in the 90s, going to music school, cutting his teeth in the underground with the French band Scarve, how he joined Soilwork, becoming a prominent session studio musician, how he got involved with drum software company Toontrack, and his time in Megadeth.

This episode features the songs “The End” by Rise of the Silverback and “I Am Become Lust” by Bent Sea.

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