Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 123 – Carl Severson (Nora, Good Fight Entertainment, ex-Ferret Records)

Doc welcomes Nora vocalist, owner and head of Good Fight Entertainment, Carl Severson, to the show and they talk about how Carl first discovered the hardcore scene, befriending NJHC band, Endeavor, who became the first release for Ferret Records, his time at Roadrunner Records, how the band Nora started, the trial and error process of developing an up-and-coming label, discovering Killswitch Engage, why he sold Ferret Records, Nora’s artistic impact over the years, and branching out into artist management, sports as well as a new label with Good Fight Entertainment.

This episode features the songs “Lex Talionis” by The Human Extinction and “The Goddamn Champion” by Nora.

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