Doc Coyle began his foray into the music industry with New Jersey metal band, God Forbid. Humble beginnings that started in the late ‘90s DIY hardcore scene progressed into a 15 year professional career with God Forbid releasing 6 full length albums on Century Media and Victory Records, and sales over 300,000 globally including multiple appearances on the Billboard Top 200. The band earned a reputation as road warriors touring the world relentlessly with the biggest names and festivals in heavy music including Slipknot, Machine Head, Gwar, Ozzfest, Mayhem Festival, and many more.

Doc’s professional career experience expanded performing as a fill-in touring guitarist for heavyweights Lamb of God on a tour opening for Metallica in 2009, as well as stints on bass guitar, filling in with Trivium, Unearth in 2012, Westfield Massacre in 2016, and lead guitar duty for Darkest Hour in 2017.

Although he announced his departure from God Forbid in 2013, Doc has been continuing his involvement as an artist in the music world with a multitude of band projects.

  • He started atmospheric, hard rock band Vagus Nerve in 2012. Their crowdfunded debut EP Visceral was released in 2016.
  • Rebel Noise Group is an All Star cover band founded by Doc in New York City and was re-launched in Los Angeles with metal veterans like vocalist Tommy Vext (Snot, Divine Heresy), drummer Kenneth Schalk (Fuel, Candiria), vocalist Myke Terry (Volumes, Bury Your Dead), and guitarist Courtney Cox (The Iron Maidens).
  • Upon arriving in Los Angeles in 2015, Doc joined drummer and YouTube star Meytal Cohen and her band alongside notable musicians, Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal, Jeff Loomis) and Eric Emery (Sky Harbor). Meytal did a successful US tour as main support for the legendary Queensrÿche in 2016.
  • In 2017, Doc joined heavy metal powerhouse, Bad Wolves, which was founded by ex-Devildriver drummer, John Boecklin. The band plans on releasing their debut album and touring relentlessly in 2018.

Doc also began doing songwriting for other notable artists contributing to Body Count’s (featuring Ice-T) 2017 album, Bloodlust, on the track “This Is Why We Ride” and Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta’s solo album, The Lost Chapters, on the track “Chasing Demons”, featuring Howard Jones.

In recent years, Doc has made a name for himself as an Op-Ed writer for sites like Metalsucks.net and his own weblog DocCoyle.net, covering a range of topics from the music scene, sports, politics, race, relationships, and philosophy. In 2015, Doc was hired as a freelance writer to be the Modern Metal columnist for VH1.com and as a music industry and music education writer for CreativeLive.com.

The latest chapter for Doc Coyle centers around the 2016 launch of his own podcast entitled The Ex Man. Drawing from his own experience as someone who struggled to find his footing after leaving a major venture, Doc speaks with other musicians and creative professionals who have left seminal bands and jobs to find out how they coped with difficult life transitions. Guests include Christian Olde Wolbers (ex-Fear Factory), Mark Hunter (ex-Chimaira), and ex- Roadrunner and current Century Media A&R, Mike Gitter. The Ex Man regularly charts on the iTunes top 100 music podcasts, and is growing every month.

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    • Hey Mike,
      The podcast is still the planning stages. Hopefully I can have it up in running by the end of June. It will be discussions with people involved in the music scene/business. To start at least.

      GF isn’t done. We’re just taking a break to get our personal lives in order. We should be doing some stuff soon. Be on the lookout.

  1. Hey Doc!

    I really enjoyed your piece about the 15 metal bands people should be listening to in 2015! I am reaching out to you because my band “Cavalcade” recently debuted with a single release and a cover of Drag Me Down by One Direction. We do believe we did a great job with the video and song itself. We recently moved to Los Angeles from the Midwest to pursue our dreams in music! If you’d find our story and content suitable for your writings then I would love to give you more information about ourselves!
    Thank you for your time!
    Scott Wesson

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