Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 107 – Shaun Glass (Repentance, Ex-Soil, Ex-Dirge Within, Ex-Broken Hope)

Doc welcomes guitarist and bassist, Shaun Glass, to the show and they talk about Shaun’s background working behind the scenes for Pavement records, his time playing bass for Broken Hope, why he got tired of death metal and decided to start rock band Soil, the process of finding a singer and courting major labels, achieving mainstream radio success with “Halo”, his urge to play heavier metal inspiring him to launch Dirge Within, why he ultimately left Soil, his difficulty with singers over the years, Dirge Within changing it’s name to The Bloodline, then back to Dirge Within, starting his new band Repentance, venturing into artist management, and his reputation as a metal gossip.

This episode features the songs “Left Untold” by To An End and “Only The Damned Die Young” by Repentance.

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The Ex Man Podcast 20 – Jeremy Wagner (Broken Hope)

Doc speaks with Broken Hope founder and guitarist, Jeremy Wagner, about being the “last man standing” in a band with a 20 year history, how their long hiatus came about, what the 90s death metal scene was like, Jeremy’s fiction writing career, and how the band’s approach has changed in the modern era of social media.

This episode features the song “Blast Frozen” by Broken Hope from their new album Mutilated and Assimilated.

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