Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 106 – John Boecklin (Bad Wolves, ex-Devildriver)

Doc welcomes Bad Wolves drummer, John Boecklin, for his second appearance on the show to talk about how John feels about the success of Bad Wolves 3 years removed from his last time on the pod, dealing with the growing pains of developing the band’s sound on the second album, how the writing process is evolving, how Bad Wolves fits into the metal scene, Tim Lambesis and morality, the fallout of the success of the “Zombie” single, and John’s girlfriend, Madison, jumps on the show to give us some insight into and from the perspective of Generation Z.

This episode features the songs “Right of Center” by Ceraphym and “Junkie Girl” by Madison Braddy.

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Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 105 – Mark Lewis (Producer)

Doc welcomes music producer, Mark Lewis, to the show and they talk about what he thinks the role of a producer is, growing up as a metalhead and guitarist in Maryland, going to recording school at Full Sail University, how he was hired by Jason Suecoff to be a recording assistant and engineer, what he learned from Jason, eventually stepping out on his own to fully produce his own records with bands like Devildriver and Black Dahlia Murder, what he think about the current state of metal production, his experience working with God Forbid on Equilibrium, how he ended up re-mixing Megadeth’s debut album Killing Is My Business…, and moving to Nashville to build a new recording studio.

This episode features the songs “Affliction” by Revanchrist and “Back Foot” by Dinosaur Pile-Up.

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Bad Wolves Debuts New Song & Video

A brand new band called Bad Wolves featuring Doc Coyle, John Boecklin (ex-Devildriver), Tommy Vext (Westfield Massacre, ex-Divine Heresy), Chris Cain (ex-Bury Your Dead), and Kyle Konkiel (VIMIC, ex-In This Moment) has just released their first music video and single for the track “Learn To Live. The track is available for stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and can purchased for a digital download HERE.

Check out the brand new video below.

Doc Coyle Launches The Ex Man Podcast


After several years of guesting on other podcasts like Metalsucks, Danko Jones, and 100 Words podcast, I had been contemplating starting my own show for quite some time. As a huge fan of the medium, I wanted to take my time, and put something together that is hopefully unique and reflective of my experience and personality.

This inaugural episode features my good friend John Boecklin (ex-Devildriver). John and I discuss John’s exit from Devildriver, life after the band, his artist management career, his new band I of Tongues, and his relationship with Phil Anselmo.

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This Is The End

Headbangers ball

“This is the end!” This is the emphatic, anthemic line in the God Forbid opening track from the album IV: Constitution of Treason, which was released during the peak of our powers in 2005. In fact, it wasn’t the end. The end came much later. At the time, it felt like we were invincible, destined for heavy metal immortality. And we were in the lower tier of the NWOAHM (or Metalcore or whatever you want to call it) in all metrics for determining the success or popularity of bands. If you look at album, ticket, and merchandise sales, Myspace friends, Youtube views, Facebook “likes”, or the ever mystical buzz on the street, God Forbid was probably never half as big as any of the rest of the Big 4 of Quitters (I should trade mark this) including Bleeding Through, Shadows Fall, and now Chimaira. Knowing that, even we felt invincible. That’s how intoxicating achieving any discernible success with your art can be. Shadows Fall and Chimaira hanging it up in the last couple weeks have brought an outpouring of sadness, shock and disappointment from fans. It seems like the end of an era, and maybe it is.

Hearing that these great bands are moving on makes me sad and disappointed, but not shocked. The truth is that amongst peers a good majority of our conversations have to do with figuring out how to stay relevant by finding new audiences, getting great tours, signing with the right label, writing the next game changing album, and more. Teetering on the edge of existence has been much of our collective realities for half of our careers. As the O.G. quitter, I’m here to explain why this is happening and why you shouldn’t be surprised.

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