Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 101 – Jason Costa (All That Remains, ex-Diecast)

Doc welcomes All That Remains drummer, Jason Costa, to the show to talk about their collective belief in aliens, his early days coming up in the Boston hardcore scene as a metalhead, how he developed his playing style, his time with Diecast, how struggling to make it and living in poverty convinced him to quit the band, getting away from playing drums altogether, how he was convinced to play with All That Remains, what it has been like to finally get some success as a musician, and how All That Remains has persevered in lieu of lead guitarist Oli Hebert’s death.

This episode features the songs “You Push Me Away” by Dead Defined, “Plumbus” by Doppelganger, and “The Consumerist” by Bad Wolves.

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In Memoriam – A God Forbid Retrospective

It’s only been a week since we closed the door on God Forbid, but with so much outpouring of affection, sharing of memories, disclosures of sadness bordering on mourning from friends, fans, fellow compatriots in the music industry, and my own reflections burrowing their way from my subconscious to the surface, I thought I should share some of my thoughts about what kind of legacy we left.

In all honesty, it feels silly to use a word like legacy when talking about my own band, but I was actually having some sentimental feelings about the musical catalog God Forbid has amassed when I was preparing for the last couple shows we did, before I decided to leave the group. I was practicing a few songs I hadn’t played in a while, and in that time, I started listening back to some songs and albums I hadn’t heard to in quite some time. And in that moment, I felt a deep sense of pride and accomplishment. For perhaps the first time, I heard a distinct sound that permeated from our first album to our last. Although that sound had evolved over time and become more nuanced and composed and lost some of it’s teeth, much of the feel was there. The groove was consistent. Dynamics always played a part. Darkness and melody persisted and coexisted. The words spoke about pushing through and striving for better.

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