Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 124 – Peter Dolving (ex-The Haunted, ex-Mary Beats Jane)

Doc welcomes ex-The Haunted vocalist, Peter Dolving, to the show and they talk about the difficulties that led to Peter leaving The Haunted and eventually the music business altogether, why he grew up in Sweden with a more American mentality, how his family’s financial troubles led him to becoming a street musician, his time with his breakout band, Mary Beats Jane, how he ended up joining The Haunted, why he quit The Haunted the first time and then re-joined three years later, The Haunted having a breakthrough album with ReVolver, God Forbid and The Haunted touring together, the spiritual elements of creativity, and how his life has evolved since he left the music industry and became an entrepreneur.

This episode features the songs “If The Antidote Was Real” by The Chase Signal and “Undead” (Demo) by The Haunted.

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The Ex Man Podcast Ep. 51 – Craig Locicero (Dress The Dead, ex-Forbidden, ex-Manmade God, ex-Death)

Doc speaks with Dress The Dead guitarist, Craig Locicero, about starting Forbidden Evil which became Forbidden in high school with Robb Flynn, what made the bay area thrash scene so special and prolific, taking an old-school, organic approach to recording, his time as a touring guitarist for Death, how his changing music tastes led to him leaving Forbidden and starting Manmade God, getting signed by Rick Rubin and experiencing a disappointing album rollout, the Forbidden reunion, and the story behind his new band, Dress The Dead.

This episode features the song “There Goes The Sun” by Dress The Dead.

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