Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 126 – Eric German (Entertainment Lawyer – Bad Wolves, Asking Alexandria)

Doc welcomes Bad Wolves lawyer, Eric German, back to the show and they talk about how the economic shutdown surrounding COVID-19 has altered and hurt the music industry, how artists can possibly take advantage of this challenging time, what the state of the rock and metal genre is in terms of business and commerce, and debate how bands should share equity, and if the concept of traditional band structures is even relevant to the modern music industry.

This episode features the songs “Warrior” by Jazmin Conte and “Bullet” by Hyro The Hero.

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The Ex Man Podcast Episode 37 – Eric German (Entertainment Lawyer)

Doc’s guest is entertainment lawyer, Eric German, who represents bands like Asking Alexandria, Five Finger Death Punch, Bad Wolves, and formerly Doc’s old band, God Forbid. Eric talks about growing up as a devoted metalhead, his college experience and why he decided to get into law, his time working in concert promotion, litigating the infamous Napster lawsuit, the fall of metal in the 90s, the challenges hard rock and metal face in a changing music industry, and gives some advice on how to be successful new band in the current landscape.

This episode features the song “Mega Piranha” by In Search of Sun from the album, Virgin Funk Mother.

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