The Ex Man Podcast 41 – Dave Chavarri (Ill Nino, Terror Universal, ex-Pro-Pain, Ex-M.O.D.)

Doc talks with Ill Nino and Terror Universal drummer Dave Chavarri about getting his start on the East Coast with his first band Gothic Slam, how that led to him joining bay area thrash band Lååz Rocket, his time playing with M.O.D., what he learned about work ethic and the music business playing with Pro-Pain, how filling in for Soulfly prepared him to launch Ill Nino, the evolution of a more melodic Ill Nińo from the original El Nińo with Jorge from Merauder, the relentless touring that fueled the band’s success, the key to Ill Nińo’s longevity, and how his new band Terror Universal came together.

This episode features the song “Galactic Outlaw” by Gigantalope and “Dig A Hole” by Terror Universal.

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