The Ex Man Podcast Ep. 64 – Nelson Blake (Locked In A Vacancy – Artist – Luke Cage, Spiderman)

Doc welcomes guest, Nelson Blake II, ex-guitarist of NYC-based metalcore band Locked In A Vacancy and professional comic book artist. They talk about Locked In A Vacancy’s recent reunion, the old New York hardcore scene, dissect the complexities of modern black culture and the difficulty going against societally forced identity roles, the psychology behind the toxic aspects of Twitter, get into some NY Knicks and basketball talk, how his career as a visual artist progressed and eventually being hired by Marvel to illustrate Luke Cage and Spiderman, and pick apart the fallacy of God given talent and intricacies of creative work.

This episode features the song “Office Politics” by Locked In A Vacancy from their album Exit The Futility Ward.

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