Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 111 – Discussing Our Favorite Action Movies w/ Mark Hunter (Chimaira)

Doc welcomes Chimaira vocalist, Mark Hunter, back to the show for the 2nd time to discuss how they’ve been handling the quarantine and social distancing, and also talk about their favorite action films of all time.

This episode features the song “Momento Malum” by Aurora’s Eyes.

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The Ex Man Podcast 13 – Mark Hunter (ex-Chimaira)

Doc’s guest is Mark Hunter, singer of the now defunct New Wave of American Heavy Metal band Chimaira. They discuss the demise of the band, the early years and how the band got signed, dealing with their Nu Metal growing pains, how the band never felt comfortable in their own shoes or took time to enjoy the success, what it felt like to have original band members quit one-by-one, the rise and fall of Chimaira 2.0, and Mark’s new career as a photographer.

This episode features the song “This Is Why We Ride” from the Body Count album Bloodlust and a clip from the Chimaira song “Save Ourselves” from their self-titled album.

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