Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 130 – Tom Maxwell (HELLYEAH, ex-Nothingface, Knives Out)

Doc welcomes HELLYEAH guitarist, Tom Maxwell, to the show and they talk about all the political and social unrest in the world at the moment, how his old band, Nothingface, came up in Baltimore and Northeast scene, why he thinks they didn’t get past certain hurdles of success, losing their singer, Matt Holt, to drug addiction, how HELLYEAH came together, learning how to adjust to not being the only guitar player in a band, evolving creative with the band over the years, and how Vinnie Paul’s death has affected his will to keep going on with the band.

This episode features the song “Low” by Royalty Kult and “Can’t Wait For Violence” by Nothingface.

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DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS (Posted Feb. 22nd 2010 on Metalsucks.net)


When it comes to music (and other things really), I tend to play devil’s advocate. If everyone is shitting on a certain band, for some reason, I become more attracted to that band and seek them out. I don’t know what it is about my personality, but I think it stems from the same perspective that inspired me to write the antagonistic blog about rethrash. It may be a character flaw, but I’m sure it has something to do with a need to be an individual. From what I gather, this website is inhabited mainly by “true” metal heads. What I define as “true” are people whom are purists in the realm of metal and usually scoff at any band or trend that reeks of premeditated commercialism or an overt play for popularity, and who usually demand a certain level of musicianship and underground credibility. These fans usually hate every Metallica record after …And Justice For All, and for that matter always prefer any particular band’s older releases, which usually have a more raw and unrefined recording quality, as well as more abstract, less traditional song writing. For example, they will prefer Carcass’s Necrotiscim to Heartwork, or Morbid Angel’s Blessed Are The Sick toDomination. Oh yeah, and these guys gave up on In Flames and Soilwork years ago.

I have a good deal of that purism in my bones, but it always seemed short sighted and close minded. You have no idea how many arguments the Adler brothers from Lamb of God and I have gotten into over the merits of a particluar Metallica or Megadeth record. If you even bring up Disturbed or Limp Bizkit on MetalSucks, it is mocked and disregarded 100% of the time. I think metal heads often have a sheep mentality because of the fear of being viewed by their peers as less credible for liking bands that aren’t considered “true” or “real” enough. We all have guilty pleasures, but the real question is “Why should we feel guilty about something we enjoy?”

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