Ex-Man Podcast Ep.136 – Dave Lombardo (Suicidal Tendencies, Mr. Bungle, The Misfits, ex-Slayer)

Doc welcomes legendary drummer, Dave Lombardo, to the show and they talk about how busy Dave has been during the pandemic working with Mr. Bungle and other projects, how figures like Mike Patton and John Zorn have expanded his musical prowess, how his early days with Slayer innovated drumming as well as extreme music, how Rick Rubin helped the band grow, what is was like leaving Slayer, how Grip Inc. came together and his experience starting a new band from scratch, expanding his career playing with different bands like Testament and Fantomas, his thought process on organic drumming, gaining closure by rejoining Slayer and being able to play the last shows with Jeff Hanneman, his philosophy on staying humble, and what it was like to fill in for Metallica.

This episode features the songs “End of Heartache” by Pathos and Logos and “Raping Your Mind” by Mr. Bungle.

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