Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 131 – Stevic MacKay (Twelve Foot Ninja)

Doc welcomes Twelve Foot Ninja guitarist, Stevic MacKay, to the show and they talk about Twelve Foot Ninja’s career, his personal struggle with the pitfalls of trying to break the band internationally, and then the two discuss the Stevic’s disagreements with The Punk MBA’s Finn McKenty about how rock and metal bands deal with the Spotify pay structure.

This episode features the songs “Shooken To The Core” by Generation Underground, “Beliefs” by The Silencer, and “Invincible” by Twelve Foot Ninja.

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THE TIMES, THEY ARE A CHANGIN’ (Posted Oct. 5th 2011 on Metalsucks.net)


There seems to be a firestorm in the metal world regarding the state of the industry, Spotify, illegal downloading, and the philosophical struggle between capitalism and artistic integrity. Lines have been drawn in the sand and it’s getting fucking personal. I have remained rather silent on the sidelines but all of this action has inspired me to enter the fray.

But I’d like to approach this discussion from a different angle than the one that has been taken thus far – one which deals with some issues that are beyond music. Perhaps you could call it a political discussion, or a cultural discussion, or even a philosophical discussion. I want to talk about the idea of ownership, and what exactly that means in our modern, western paradigm, which is one rooted in competition-based capitalism.

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