Ex-Man Podcast Ep. 102 – Dave Peters (Throwdown)

Doc welcomes Throwdown founder and vocalist, Dave Peters, to the show and they talk about Dave’s approach to social media and interest in politics, how Throwdown started with him as a guitarist and eventually the singer, what inspired them to infuse Nu Metal into their sound, the Orange County hardcore scene, how being straight edge has impacted their career, dealing with consistent backlash as they changed creatively, the impact of playing Ozzfest, diversifying the music and his vocal style and Pantera influence on Venom and Tears, incorporating melodic vocals on Deathless, why the band went on hiatus in 2010, and what career path he chose after Throwdown.

This episode features the songs “Let Me” by TrineATX and “This Continuum” by Throwdown.

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The Ex Man Podcast 18 – Brandan Schieppati (ex-Bleeding Through, ex-18 Visions)

Brandan Schieppati, ex-vocalist of Bleeding Through and ex-guitarist of 18 Visions, joins Doc to discuss the Orange County hardcore scene, the dawn of Fashioncore, how he transitioned from 18 Visions to Bleeding Through, his personal struggle and outward pressure grappling with overbearing ambition and expectations, and how his passion for fitness led him to set Bleeding Through aside to start his own gym and clothing line, Rise Above Fitness, as well as new endeavors with his band, The Iron Son, and podcast, Positively Negative.

This episode features the songs “Promised Me The World” by Vagus Nerve and “Unleash Hell” by The Iron Son.

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